Finnerty Lands at Loyola…Reade snickers



Let me get this straight. The Duke 3 get accused of raping this skripper. They’re exonerated and thus, are allowed to throw it back in everyone’s faces.

1. Dave Evans really gave us all a fat F you all and gets down with a blue chip investment bank.

2. Reade Seligmann hits us with a “this is why I’m hot” middle finger en route to Brown, a reasonable Duke substitute.

3. Your idiot coach, Mike Pressler has the audacity to write and ostensibly profit from a book as if he was somehow a victim in all of this.

4. But then Colin “Slim Thugga” Finnerty shows us all how wrong we were by landing at drum roll please….Loyola (Md.)?


Hey, I’m sure Loyola (Md.) is a fine institution of Lax errrr higher learning, but come on now. Let’s get serious here. Loyola from Duke? Can I assume Mr. Finnerty was not sporting a 3.5 GPA, with a position on Duke Student Government and a healthy record of community service and overall citizenship to leverage during this extended off-season?

Colin, take your $4 Million you stole from Duke and go erect a statue in your own honor on the Loyola (Md.) campus, if there is one, or run for student body president or something. Let’s face it, this was karma for you. You likely never should have gotten into Duke to begin with, thankfully, the Universe, not to mention the University, is now in balance. Enjoy!

PS – Usually, but not always, when you have to modify your school with parenthesis after its name just so people will know where the hell it is, that’s not very hot. Duke (NC) is glad to be rid of you Colin. Awwww C-Ya!


15 Responses to “Finnerty Lands at Loyola…Reade snickers”

  1. d Says:

    ur an asshole

  2. Lake Arlington Says:

    Care to elaborate? Is it because I’m being too lenient on Colin or Loyola? Aww shucks, I’ll never hear from you again…

  3. Libby Says:

    No one stole anything from Duke. I’d rather my kid go to Ace Truck Driving School then that hole full of gutless wonders. People from the East coast amuse the hell out me. They are all label whores. Go to school where it fits you. I’d rather spend a week with a bunch of “meth head” bikers than the nuts with the Ph.D’s at some of our finer institutions. Those that can do, those that can’t….teach at Duke. And as far as getting into a school based soley on merit, I spent one year at USC…until I flunked out. But even for as much of a dumb ass as I was, I looked like Stephen “Fucking” Hawking compared to half the alumni. Rarely, do people actually get into schools on merit. If so, why would half of the kids of Hollywood stars make it into Ivy League schools? Four million was not nearly enough. They should have ass raped that school! Enjoy your day!

  4. Lake Arlington Says:

    WOW.. That was an aggressive post, I liked it.

  5. Bobby Z Says:

    Loyola played Duke in lacrosse this past spring. Guess who won?

  6. Lake Arlington Says:

    Good, f*ck Duke Lacrosse and the horse they road in on. Go Loyola fighting… whatevers..OF MARYLAND… AHNT

  7. Lake Minnetonka Says:

    The College was named for St. Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit order of Catholic priests, and is one of four colleges in the United States to bear the name “Loyola.” The reason the state appears behind the college is to distinguish it from other institutions of higher education throughout the country with the name of Loyola (e.g. Loyola Marymount University in California, Loyola University in Chicago, and Loyola University in New Orleans.)

    By the way, the average SAT score for student athletes at Loyola (Md.) was 1103. The average SAT score for student athletes at Duke was 987. One of the dumbest guys in my high school class played lacrosse at Duke. Finenerty getting into Loyola (Md.) actually says more about his academic prowess than his getting into Duke. Duke will take any dumbass who can twirl their wand. Loyola only takes good wand twirlers who are smart.

  8. Lake Arlington Says:

    Haaaaaa, the average SAT score at Duke was 987? HAAAA, try again homeboy. Duke is a top 10 rated school, only a fool from Loyola of Muurland would try to sell that false bill of goods.. A quick search on the web reveals that in 2004 the average SAT score of incoming Duke freshmen was 1410.

    The fact that some clown Lax player got into Duke from your terrible High School is exactly what I’m against. The less number of under qualified individuals like yourself we have at Duke the better. Enjoy Mr. Finnerty, you, he and your school were literally made for each other.

  9. Lake Minnetonka Says:

    If you’ll read more carefully, you’ll see I said, “The average SAT score for STUDENT ATHLETES at Duke was 987.” Not the average SAT score of incoming freshman. I would post the link, but I used ERIC, a subscription database, for my information so unless you subscribe, you can’t access the site. But go to your library, or access it remotely from your library, and enlighten yourself on the lower average SAT scores of student athletes. You may have performed well on the SAT, but your fellow student who plays basketball or lacrosse didn’t do nearly as well. Without them, the average SAT score of incoming freshman would probably be closer to 1500.

    I wish I were still in college to enjoy it, but I have long since graduated with my BA and MS…neither from Duke nor Loyola (Md.). So I really don’t care about either. The only reason I initially commented was because your original post was so moronic with your misunderstanding of why people posted a (Md.) after Loyola’s name and because you seemed to think that Duke athletes were supremely smarter than those at other schools.

    Here’s a wake-up call for you…the more prominent the athletic program, the more likely the athletes are to be less than a brain trust. The only exception to this would possibly be Notre Dame because their athletes have to meet the same minimum standards as the regular student body.

    And though your SAT score may have been high, you haven’t yet learned the proper use of “literally.” Saying “he and your school were literally made for each other” makes no sense.

  10. Lake Arlington Says:

    Here’s a wake up call for you. I got my BA, JD and MBA… I don’t give a fuck about anything you’re saying and I’m probably better than you in every single way as it relates to achievement of any kind. By all means, list any of all of your institutions if you want to have that conversation as well. If you didn’t go to Loyola, where did you go to? Who said anything about Loyola’s student athletes to begin with? Not me. My point was plain, that Finnerty landed at a lower academic spot than he probably should have, more likely than not, because he was fuck up at Duke.

    I “literally” could not care less about whose athletes score what on the SAT. I missed that point because it’s not relevant, kind of like your posts. There was no misunderstanding of the parenthetical use of MD. It’s called a joke, a device used by some people to play off a small detail and then extrapolate it to its utter extreme. If you took my nuts out of your mouth for a micro second, you’d understand that. But keep reading. You sound like the kind of dude I’m trying to reach on my blog. It takes a while, but you’ll quickly realize that I don’t really give a damn about what other people think or say, that I view the world as Us v. Them and that I’m generally irreverent for the sake of irreverence itself.

  11. Lake Minnetonka Says:

    I’m not a dude. And while you say you don’t care, it sure seems like you do. By the way, where did I go, or where did I go TO? Clearly, not an English major. No respectable JD, MBA would’ve ended a question with a preposition.

  12. Lake Arlington Says:

    lol..i love it. i can just see you checking back to see if your man Lake has responded to you… now i get it, you really are on my nuts. you must be a lonely woman. how about this, if you’re cute enough, we can be ‘friends’. i’ll take away your pain. do you enjoy strip clubs? you need a man in your life baby.. get some of that stress out. we write the blog in plain language… it’s a conversation, not a legal brief. again, i ask you, what are your credentials…ie, what do you look like, bc i couldn’t care any less about what you’re saying here. how many late nights have you sat up, just wanting some company? come on now, we’re both lakes, work with me honey… how is this for a sentence, I is rich… is that right?

  13. lindy Says:

    Who gives a flying fu%K about SAT Scores. Do you pathetic people actually go to parties or on dates where you make sure people know that? If so, let me know where those parties are…so I avoid them. Let’s face it…all schools (exept for maybe the Ivy Leagues, Notre Dame and BYU) have two sets of admissions standards…one for the regular chumps and one for the athletes. You can be half retarded at most schools but if you can do something with balls you’re in. If you are a woman and can do something with balls, you will dance at the frat parties…everybody wins!

  14. lindy Says:

    P.S. I is not rich, I is lonely and I do sit up most nights. I am not a lake, but I is around. Call me.

  15. Bruce Says:

    I hope I see Colin soon around the Loyola (Md.) campus. He’s so adorable!

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