Tear dat ass up!



Normally when I talk about tearing dat ass up, I’m talking about an evening of smooth talking, smoother drinks, and a night that makes all the ladies keep Brock’s number on speed dial (my surname is quite accurate).  But then I saw this story.  I mean my word.  A pool drain disemboweled some little kid through their ass?  That is the illest thing I’ve heard since Hannibal Lecter took out Inspector Renaldo Pazzi at the Palazzo Vecchio.  I mean, it hasn’t been that hot in the hot tub since Eddie Murphy.

Seriously though.  They say pool drains can put up 300 pounds of pressure per square inch.  Who are the poor souls that try to hump these things in moments of desparation?  You could lose the lil homey in an instant.  See, it is a story like this that makes sure Black people don’t swim.


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