Bonds turncoat gets 33 months in the slam!


Yeee haaaw!!! Look, I’m not a Barry Bonds fan and maybe I didn’t spend 3 years in law school (or maybe I did) but I’m just glad to hear that the guy who leaked the sealed grand jury testimony in the BALCO investigation is getting what’s coming to him. Troy Ellerman, defense attorney for BALCO (and by extension, Bonds himself) a Pecos Bill look-a-like spilled the beans to those two San Francisco Chronicle reporters regarding testimony about Bonds, Jason Giambi and Gary Sheffield.


Now he’s headed to jail, what a freaking idiot! Let me get this straight. BALCO hires you to help them with their criminal investigation. They pay you good money to advise them as to what the best course of action is in an investigation of their health clinic and then you expose witnesses who were forced to testify, under oath, about the wrongdoings of YOUR CLIENT? Then you go and tell on those witnesses like a little schoolgirl in violation of a court order and for what? So you can leak that he never knowingly took the juice? Sure, it was nothing ground breaking, but not only is there a law against leaking sealed grand jury testimony, but you acted in a manner that actually hurt YOUR CLIENT you arsehole!

Because of you, now I have to hear about Barry Bonds incessantly on SportsCenter, Jim Rome is Burning, PTI, Around the Horn (who am I kidding, nobody watches Around the Horn, horrible show), Outside the Lines and all the other tv and radio sports talk shows. They should lock your ass up and throw away the damn key on grounds of maximum stupidity. And lose the hat sucka. You look like a hick from french lick, not some slick n smooth, clown lawyer from Cali who can’t keep his mouth shut. My homey Carmelo Anthony sent me this t shirt for you to wear in jail. I hope it fits — I got you an extra medium.


Hope you get that Oz treatment too, chump. No love.

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