Kanye is a ridiculous cat


Hey, nobody knows more about hip-hop and everything cool than me, Lakey the Don. We all know and have come to accept that. And I like Kanye, I really do.. But what is homey trying to prove in this picture with Princes William and Harry?


Dude, we get it. You’re fashion forward and eccentric. You don’t rock athletic jerseys (neither does anyone else anymore) and you come from a family of educated intellectuals. Still, these white on “ye” stunna shades are 100% awful. So too is that wrinkle me mang, crocodile hunter green jacket piece with extra long, extra slim shady tangerine tie you’ve paired it up with. You’ve made garbage fashion moves before and I must admit, some cats bought into it.


Still, don’t go out of your way to be an “international asshole” (your lyrics, not mine) in front of the Royals at an event designed to highlight the humanitarian deeds of their ‘mum’… I know, I know, you hail from kings and queens, back from the days of Kush with the Berbers (bear-bears) and nobody can understand your vision. They said the same thing about you rappin’, people heard “Jesus Walks” and didn’t sign you and several deals fell through.

I know, I may be a white man, but I took intro to African and African American studies too homey (only I graduated from college), you’re not enlightened… Love your music though. Keep it coming.

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