Kardashian’s ass is out of control



I mean that is crazy. I don’t have anything else to say.


6 Responses to “Kardashian’s ass is out of control”

  1. grimygrind Says:

    That sex tape don’t mean shit to me. I’d wife her.

  2. MR Black Ohio Says:

    You would wife a ho? Da*m tha pimps are now the hos and the hos are doing the pimpin. Only sellout niccas feeling this cum catcher. She was just on the radio saying how she dated more white men than black and how she likes white men better overall. yet you dumb coons keep looking stoopid as he** to the whole world. there are well to many fine and thivk sistas to be drooling over the white man’s woman

  3. Lake Arlington Says:

    Ha, preach on!!!

  4. Charli Says:

    I watch their little show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and to be honest, they are milking that fake-ass sex tape to death. “Oh no! It was something special between my boyfriend of three years and I and we just want to move past it.” Yea, whatever. Her boyfriend of three years in none other than Ray J.- another nobody who, in a dire need to pay bills since his singing/acting career is going nowhere, came up with this scheme to make a little cash. Kim has managed to get her store-bought ass on E! where she brings truth to the suspicion that she and her family are nothing more than trash. Have you watched the show?The little sister, very young little sister, can already slide up and down a stripper’s pole with perfection. Practicing for the future of following in her big sisters slutty steps, I suppose. This is crap. But she does have a nice ass, though.

  5. H,L.C Says:

    Look Charli, A girls got to do what a girls got to. So don’t hate on the player hate the fact that with a body,looks, and a ass like that will make a Baller spend that cash.


    Wow….. I thought JLo had a big butt. This is nasty. really nasty!

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