What’s wrong with this picture?



Supposedly the Right Reverend Jesse Jackson was arrested at a gun shop protest in Chicago on Saturday. I guess the Reb was trying to make a statement about the gun industry’s complicity in the urban violence epidemic. Sure, I can buy that, but what in the hell is he doing cheesing with studio gangster 50 cent??? WTF? I mean, aside from a game recognize game, “I make it rain on these hoes” ethic both men seem to operate under, I can’t really see the connection AND 50 and his ilk are at a minimum blame worthy for their promotion of violence and general ignance. Jesse, seriously, you haven’t been responsible since MLK died on that balcony. You haven’t been relevant since you ‘ran’ for President back in 1984 and haven’t looked right since the days of the dashiki.


In all honesty, if you are going to just show up for photo ops and try to make loot off the struggle, just go the way of Creflo Dollar and Kurt Franklin, ie. openly pimping and exploiting people who are too stupid or too gullible or BOTH to know they are throwing their hard earned lootchy out the window. If I’m not mistaken, the Rev. Ed D. Cash and Rev. Pathos talked about this before… like to here it go.

– Lakey

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