Gym teacher redefines ‘running h*oes’


This story barely moves us enough to post on it, but there is something about it that just forces me to comment. We know you heard about this 40 year old North Carolina gym teacher, Brenton Wuchae banging out this 16 year old track athlete, Windy Hagar, which is pretty crazy, right, but not all that uncommon. But this cat pulled the ultimate okie doke and avoided prosecution by MARRYING the chick! Nice move. Reports say their relationship started when she was 14. Nice!


It’s as genius as it is maniacal. Imagine, you’re a sexual predator, you’ve done the unthinkable, ie. allowed one of those evil thoughts that occasionally pop into our heads from time to time to actually become a reality, in this case, “I’m going to really bang out that hot 14 year old galloping filly over there.” Ok, so you’re a monster and you know it AND now you’re hitting it. And of course, since you’re 40, it’s the best you’ve ever had. I mean, let’s keep it real, that’s all this can be about right? Then her parents find out. How do I know they found out, oh, the parents of the year told me so.. Listen to what her mom had to say:

“Our family has come and tried to talk to her. We’ve had people on the phone with her for hours — family, friends. We’ve been to our pastor asking for guidance. We’ve been to his pastor.”

Let me get this straight, a grown ass man of 40 years is having sex with your 14-16 year old daughter. He’s 40 and her teacher, she’s 16 and all you can think of is to go to some pastors? Why not go to your local gun shop, speak to the Right Reverend Smith and then consult with Deacon Wesson so this can be properly handled.


These people must be parents of the year. With such strong parental figures at home, however could she have gone so wrong? Odd. Hmm, and what could they do to completely F this thing up even more, oh yes, they signed consent forms to legitimize the sexual assault of their daughter. And before someone tells me the age of consent in NC is 16, let me repeat, their ‘relationship’ started when she was 14 years old homies. Genius. I’m sure the Wuchaes will have a long and happy marriage. After all, what could ever go wrong?

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