Sports Update


Jurgens, the UvT Sports intern, was fired over the bad intel he gave me on the Cavs actually winning a game in the finals.  I found out he was actually born in Ohio, likes Boobies, and wanted to see more of Eva Longoria courtside, so he was trying to be positive.

 Here are some quick facts he was working on when we showed his ass the door:

– Every NBA finals since 1999 has featured either Shaquille O’Neal or Tim Duncan.  You still think there is a debate that Oden goes over Durrant?

– Robert Horry just got his seventh ring.  Putting him ahead of Cousy, Jordan, Pippen and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.  The only people in front of him?  You had to play on the Celtics in the ’60’s to make that list.

– They are apparently going to let Jacque Vaughn have one of the rings.  Although instead of his name, his ring will have “The One Ring” inscribed on the side and will only be presented to Jacque if he comes to the ceremony barefoot.


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