Greg Oden Blogs?!?!?


I was over in the UvT Sports department doing the back up research for my visionary article last week that the Cavs were goners (my research is on my the hell I thought it would be five games, the Spurs should be breaking out the brooms tomorrow) and I come across this: The big man blogs? Seriously?

So I went to the site to see the worldly insights of an 18 year old that is about to make that long money and lo and behold, here is the latest entry.

“When you ask someone about it, the first name that pops in their minds is not Greg Oden, Michael Conley Jr., or Eric Gordon. It’s JOSH MCROBERTS, one of my favorite people in the world. He is one of the funniest people I have met, and the one person in high school basketball that I dreaded playing, because I had to guard him and he is a monster. He uses both hands on the court. That gives him an edge on everybody else.”


Josh McF’nRoberts? Look we here at Us Versus Them do nothing if we don’t play favorites, thick white women, democrats, Atlanta Falcons football, any team that beats Notre Dame in football (also known as any team in the Top 15 at the time of kickoff), thick black women, the Jessica’s (Biel and Alba), and last but not least Duke Basketball. Now I’ve seen a lot of Duke basketball, and a lot of Josh McRoberts, but Greg Oden dreading to play him? Maybe in high school Josh had a JJ Reddick like shooter dropping threes from all over the court and a mini-landlord senior like Shelden Williams playing down low so that Josh’s B.S. dribble-dribble, spin-move, spin back for the up and under barely jump move that he goes to every time down the court actually worked like it did his freshman year at Duke. I mean there has to be a reason Greg limits his complement to “high school”.

Big fella, when are you gonna open your hands and see the facts…you don’t need to dread a guy who is going to get drafted damn near a round behind you. You need to watch out for Rasheed Wallace dropping bows on you and Shaq’s big ass hitting you with that extra 100 pounds he’s got on you on the blocks. You want to talk about a Dukie you need to watch out for, try playing Elton Brand 4 or 5 times next year to see how you like that 20 and 10 he is going to drop on you personally. I mean are you dreading going up against Shavlik Randolph? Same guy….really…let it go.


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