Anderson Vare-hail-jno!


Twenty seconds left in a pivotal game three in Cleveland. Cavs are down by three and LeBron James has the ball in his hands. LeBron drives and gets plugged up in the lane and finds a quick outlet for pressure relief. Anderson Varejao. LeBron gives him self some space to get the ball back, looks up…and Anderson Varejao has broken out the wild spin move hook shot? I know that wasn’t drawn up in the huddle and not what Ursher wanted to see from the sideline.


So in honor of that dumbass shot, lets play who does Anderson Varejao look like?

Carlito from the WWE?


American Idol Justin Guarini?


Sideshow Bob?


Anderson. Every little kid dreams of being the hero in the NBA finals…3…2…1 and you hit the final shot as the winner. Homey, you were actually in the finals, playing with a dude that has “Chosen 1” tattooed on his back. Give up the rock meng.


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