The NBA Finals are OVER!


I didn’t see too much of the game, but I caught enough. I saw one moment in the third quarter that let me know the game, the series, and the Championship were over.

Tim Duncan smiled. And he didit more than once.

For reference, here is exhibit #1:

This dude has a Championship in one had and the MVP award in the other, and he looks like Will Smith trying to figure out which was better: “Wild Wild West” or his “Code Red” album.

My bad Will, I know this isn’t about you. Collateral damage, what can I say?

Back to Timmy Time, I mean this cat has one of the icyest grills in history. Here is the exclusive Us Versus Them Sports Interview with Bruce Bowen:

Brock: “Bruce, The Spurs have had incredible success over the last few years. Tim is on the verge of his fourth title in eight seasons. What is wrong with that cat?”

Bruce: “F#*k if I know dog.”

I didn’t want to jump to any conclusions so I went to the UvT archives so I could see the “Nastiest Ice Grills” in recent history. Here is a brief retrospective:

Mo Clarrett: That is one icey grill, but to be fair, he was on his way to jail instead of on his way to NFL practice after blowing his talent and career. So he was probably actually mad.

Condi Rice: She looks pretty mad too. But I expect her to have a Marion Barry “Bitch set me up” moment long ’bout February 2009.

So Timmy D, cheer up. The Spurs will do a better job than the Pistons of keeping “Boobie” in check and you will get your fourth championship in five games on Father’s Day.


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