Report: Brady Quinn plans to hold out, what?


According to sources over at ESPNews, Draft day flunky Dr. Quinn medicine woman is reportedly thinking about holding out.

You’ve gotta be kidding me, right? It seems he and his agent are trying to turn back the hands of time and un-ring that Draft Day bell that had him falling faster than that Notre Dame defense did en route to a JaMarcus Russell/LSU Tee-greys induced stiff 41-14 AZZ kicking! I guess he wants top tier QB money and not, nobody wanted your candy ass, had to leave the green room, were lucky to get picked at #22, money…huh?

I just don’t get this guy. I mean, maybe it’s me, but I’ve never seen this cat do anything to warrant his self-aggrandizement or the belief by anyone that he’ll be anything more than a poor man’s Tim Couch with diminished accuracy and less upside. People will tell you he’s a winner, but he hasn’t won ANYTHING, ever. This guy is a bust waiting to happen.

My case against him:

1. Bad genes: A brief perusal of this cat’s kin folk makes the point, I mean look at this dude’s sister.

I think Randy Jackson from American Idol fame said it best, “just terrible dude”. To say she’s fugly is kind. She’s got that Cam’ron inspired Fred Flintstone Yabba Dabba Doo “sturdy chin”, a prehistoric Swifer mop hair piece, make-up by sleazy, greazy, turrible Cover Guy and ‘Roid-tastic AJ Hawk for a hubby. Sure it’s harsh, but come on, even when she’s at her best she’s awful.

2. Poor decision-making: We already know whenever B dot Quinn steps on the field with some real boys (see LSU, USC, Michigan, and OSU), he crawls up into the fetal position. But I’m talking about ole boy’s decisions off the field. That chick he’s got with him, come on.

She’s not even High School QB quality, much less Notre Dame QB quality MUCH LESS NFL quality. I know, I know, “but she’s the real deal Lakey, she’ll stand by her man and want him for the right reasons. ” Slow down. First, she didn’t look too comfortable standing by her man on draft day once he started fallin’ like Alicia Keyes. I thought I caught her making eyes over at Adrian Peterson for a second. Adrian just shook her off and opted to order up a pizza on his Treo instead and yes I have video tape!

I mean, that’s how uninspiring this babe is… And he’s sporting her like he’s got Jessica Biel on his arm. Terrible, awful. You pick which one looks like a credible NFL ‘wag’ (wives and girlfriends).

Need I say more? Now what Brady really needs to do is go holler at Kimmy Kardashian… sheeyut, worked for Reggie Bush, Ray J, Lake Arlington, and Nick Cannon. Look at how successful all those guys are. The boy Brady just aint right in the head.

3. Bad coaching: I’ll say it first, Charlie Weiss is overrated. Period.

Honestly, what has this cat ever done and who has he done it with? His teams are hot against Navy, Army, Air Force and Duke (awww).. But what happens when the OSUs show up? How about LSU? They get murdered!!! I know, I know, “he didn’t have the players…” riiight. So Weiss gets credit for winning with the last guy’s recruits such that he gets that contract extension, but when his squads fail to answer the bell in big games, the losses can be explained by a lack of talent. Wait while we unzip….

Charlie was brought in to bring in big time talent, only, big time talent isn’t coming to Notre Dame like they thought it would. They’re still going to LSU, USC, the Florida Schools, Texas and Michigan. Sure they got Jimmy Clausen, but ND has always gotten QBs, it’s all the other positions that they have a hard time filing. Charlie is not hot. After ONE season at ND he wrote a book about how good he is. One year after he got gastric bypass surgery he was back, big as a McMansion sittin on dubbs. Weiss thinks too much of himself and he’s passed that false confidence on to Brady Quinn.

Romeo Cronell and company passed on Mr. Quinn with the early picks for a reason. He’s not that hot. He’s a park tanner impersonating a big time NFL quarterback. Dude hasn’t won squat. Has yet to show up in a big game. Has a man for a sister and a low rent chick for his claimed lady. In fact, Brady might still be sitting in NY waiting for his name to be called.

No love.

8 Responses to “Report: Brady Quinn plans to hold out, what?”

  1. Brendan Collins Says:

    Wow. That is fasinating. You officially know the least about football of anyone I have ever read about. Charlie Weis has 4 super bowl rings…overrated?hahaha Brady Quinn broke every record at Notre Dame, and yea there were some other pretty good quarterbacks behind him, maybe you have heard of them.. joe theisman, joe montana to name a couple of them.

  2. Lake Arlington Says:


    Seek help grasshopper. Charles Weiss won those rings on the backs of Billy B and Tom Brady…how do you think he’s done at Notre Dame? Name ONE big game he’s won as a Head Coach, just one.

    The guy who cleans toilets over at Foxboro (perhaps you know something about that) has 4 rings too, I’d like to see him, and Charlie, get some on their own. As for Joe Theezman, Joe Montana, “to name a couple” aka the only ones YOU actually know, what do they have to do with Charlie Weiss or Brady Quinn? Totally cogent arguments, thanks. AHNT!

  3. raafman Says:

    I gotta agree with Lake on this one. B Quinn feels like a better version of Rick Mirer to me. I don’t know why Notre Dame QBs always get so much hype. Add to that the fact that he’s stuck in a backwater NFL franchise with one of the worst front offices, and a coach who probably won’t be around past this season. But that’s just mean what you said about the man’s sister. And were you really so up in arms about the man’s dime piece that you had to break out the camcorder. To quote Snoop, “You’se a fool D.R.!”

  4. dumbfounded Says:

    dude… brady quinn’s an overyhyped near-guaranteed flop, i hate notre dame and the bullshit that comes out of the golden dome, but having said all that, this site is still one of the most pathetic things i’ve seen in quite a while. when the hell did quinn piss in your cheerios?

    i mean, you’re ripping on the man’s decision-making because his girl’s only a 6 or a 7 instead of a ten? i’d be interested to see what your woman looks like. i hope she’s at least “high school qb quality,” but i have a sneaking suspicion that even if you have crawled out of your parents basement long enough to latch on to a female, she’s got about 50 pounds and three or four chins on quinn’s sister.

    get a new hobby, man.

  5. Lake Arlington Says:

    LOL, I love people who rip disembodied ghosts who they literally know nothing about. I guess that dumbfounded post name was right on the mark. Hot. Keep it coming… I love hearing from clowns like you.. In fact, a clown like you washes my car, if he ever slips up with my wax, you’ll be the first cat I email.

  6. lol Says:

    Yet you rip on some guy who you know nothing about. Have you ever met Brady Quinn, or his sister, or his girlfriend, or Charlie Weiss? I’m going to hazard a guess with “no”.

    It’s embarassing the amount of thought you’ve put into hating this guy, when he’s done nothing except play football. Sucessfully enough, while we’re at it, to get paid a healthy salary.

    Also, nice job ripping on a “disembodied ghost” in dumbfounded by commenting on how he supposedly washes your car.

    You’re in the business of hypocrisy, and you aren’t very good at it.

  7. Lake Arlington Says:

    “LOL” You’ve got it all wrong, I’m the disembodied ghost and YOU should be washing my car, just as soon as you get off my dillznick.. Ha, keep visiting the site..

    PS- How many games do you think Notre Dame will win this year? Outback Bowl.

  8. lol Says:

    Apparently you have trouble with reading comprehension (or you’re just an idiot).

    PS- I don’t care about Notre Dame.

    How long have you known Brady Quinn?

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