Paris Hilton Saga: Funny how money change a situ-a-shawn!!!


Yo, this is barely worth my time. Again, it’s like Pac said on Hit em Up… “I don’t even know why I’m on this track” but I just had to make a small comment on this Paris foolishness that’s got the media in a frenzy.

(By the way, those CANNOT be her real breasts)

I guess the superhead act-a-like Paree got out of jail after 72 hours for “a medical condition” on the say so of the H.Y.T.I.C. Sherrif Lee Baca of the Los Angeles County Sherrif’s Department.

Lee, come on dude. What the hell were you thinking? First of all, this is a public relations nightmare for you. Second, we all know you cops out in LA have no damn sense, see Rodney Kang, the LA Riots, what yall did to all those Latinos and the press recently and even the way you tried to set up our man OJ (not guilty!!!!)… You guys are straight up clowns. I get it, you had to whoop Rodney King’s ass, but Paree can leave jail 42 days early just because she’s shook? Everyone in jail is crazy.. Haven’t you ever watched Oz? It’s JAIL.. that’s the point.

Come on now, the next time I’m draped in my LA County blues, I’ll just call up my “doctor” and get a get out of jail free note because my crazy is acting up. Do you really think the Hiltons, multi-millionaires can’t produce a quack to spring their girl out of the clink? And you fell for that? Sheriff Baca, in honor of your monumental stupidity, I’ve decided to print up these shirts and sell them on Ebay for $39.95, tell me what you think…

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