And I’m back…


I know the readers of Us Versus Them come to see the incredibly accurate and insightful thoughts of yours truly, Brock Hardon, and my brother from another color, Lake. I’ve been slacking on my own damn pimpin. But I’m back to deliver the goods.

First of all, I was in the house and sitting in my courtside seats when King James dropped that 48 on Dee-twah and it was just as nasty as it looked on TV. Talk about Witness…this cat was hitting drop-step fade away threes like it wasn’t shat. The only problem was I was distracted the whole game


I was distracted the whole game, by this clown….and this may be the best one yet. Eleven years in the league…4.5 points, 4.8 boards (and most of those were in Sacramento the two seasons he actually got some burn) and errrrrr….he doesn’t have any other stats of note 2.6 turnovers per game. Scot (leave off the last ‘t’ for “turrible”) Pollard….you know what I’m gonna ask….what the f*#k are you still doing in the league? Oh, yeah…he got twenty seconds of burn in game 5.


Moving on. So here is what my life has looked like since I fell off the radar. Trip to New York, fly into Philly on my way to Delaware (who knew such a terrible spot could be so gangster? Wilmington…I mean Damn!) To Detroit for Game 5. Back to NY..and now I’m broadcasting live from the Bellagio in Vegas.

Last night I hit Strip Steak for that $195 Japanese A5 Kobe Beef. No, Shaq, Jerry Buss, that white maid from Colorado and the whole Lakers organization wasn’t there you f*#kin degenerates, it’s the most delicious steak to ever hit a plate.

You know who still has it? Toni Braxton, I mean that azz piece is still tucked in tight. My word! She dropped it like it was hot right on me.

Lake my man, thanks for holding it down. ARod’s big boy jeans are the worst, thanks for keeping the thick white woman watch alive in my absence, Britney needs to stay on the watch list, and Rihanna may not be able to dance, but I will get up under her um-buh-rella anytime.

On the political tip, when can we kick the other 45 cats off the stage of the democratic primary and get it down to Barak (you know Brock’s vote is automatic, hell I may change my name to Ba-Rock for the final ’08 push), Hillary and John Edwards? Congressman Jefferson? Keep ya head up homey.


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