Paris draped in her county blues…


More evidence that there is a Divine mover of all things in this world, an energy. Call it what you want, Karma, Chi, Gua, finding your Inner Child, your Outer Pimp…all that stuff. As one door closes, another opens. Indeed, in an effort to keep media attention down young Paree hit the LA County Jail late last night. Peep her mug shot here.


At the same time, Britney continues to roar back, crossing all the T’s and dotting all the I’s and looking fantabulous in this pretty pank thong piece.


How does she manage to slim it down while simultaneously thicken it up? Heck, how does LeBron do what he does, who knows? Some people just got it. Brit may have a fade and that FedEx stain will probably never wash out, but you gotta hand it to the girl.. she’s come a loooooooooong way.


Never forget….

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