Reunited and it feels so good: Real World Vegas


Finally something new from the Real World series, this Reunited: Real World Vegas is certain to entertain. Needless to say I’ll be watching with Tivo fully locked in. One thing I didn’t like was the appearance of Irulan who was just fantabulous on the original RW Vegas show…

She looks, well, I don’t know, she just doesn’t have that extra bounce (and this just in, something aint right with that hairline either, sad but true). I mean, pretty girl no doubt, but she isn’t giving me that super hot “buy U a drank” feel like last time. I mean last time the babe was just a paragon of tightness… this time, not so much. Age has matured her, but we want the young Irulan…The one that was soft and fresh with that youthful glow….

You know the one who was begging Alton for arse with her (white) boyfriend in back in NY. The one Alton then proceeded to smash on National TV, thereby setting us white boys back at least two years by fulfilling the proverbial “he aint hittin that right” mantra many black cats espouse when they see a fine sistah with a standard issue Cajun like myself. Dammit.. Irulan.. You represented so much..

And by the way, isn’t that the biggest nightmare ANY dude can ever have? Well Irulan’s man lived it. He’s got a hot babe who is clearly better looking than he is. Clearly he’s reached waaaay up high, somehow tricking this bad chick into thinking he’s good enough for her and then, yep, she gets on National TV, gets exposed to more fun, better looking dudes, and a black cat who has 2% body fat and third leg that would make Tommy Lee run away.. And then that cat starts f^cking his girl, well on a super popular tv show that goes down in history as one of the best ever….. UGLY!!!!


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