Miss USA takes a tumble…still fine.


Yo, this isn’t really newsworthy, but nothing motivates our staff like some attractive chicks. And this fall by our very own Miss USA, Rachel Smith, is no exception. Peep it.

I’m not sure what’s more hilarious — the fall itself or that smooth recovery super smile with that Sean da Paul, “Give it Up to Me” crankin’ in the background. Pretty good stuff. And yes, the babe is indeed fine. Sean says it best, “Gib-id uuuuhp do meeee” and “be maah fawn-ta-seeee” — for sho….


Is it just me or does this babe have a lil extra Soul Glo on her.. Sun kissed, something. And no, this picture was NOT airbrushed.. wow.

Style and grace, a stark contrast to white horse rider extraordinaire, Lindsay Lo-han. Get it together babe.. evelohan4.jpg

One Response to “Miss USA takes a tumble…still fine.”

  1. Glenn Clowney Says:

    You guys are great, but you need to get rid of the 13″ TV and get HD while you are at it. Geesh…it is obvious that Rachel Smith is bi-racial. Wow is she beautiful!!!! Me likey, me want to licky. Proof: http://www.eurweb.com/story/eur32318.cfm

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