Reade Seligmann to World: “This is why I’m hot…”


One of the most interesting figures in that debacle that was the Duke Lax saga was our main man (Ali G finger snap) Reade Seligmann.


Look, honestly, of all characters involved we kinda acknowledge that Reade got a bad deal.


Dude was on his celly with his lady and at an ATM at the time the skripper claimed she was sexually assaulted. Unlike Colin Finnerty, who we know assaulted some gay cat in DC (oh he was CONVICTED too) and Dave Evans, the genius who allowed the party to go on to begin with who probably should have been suspended for event itself, Reade seems like he really just got caught out there in the okie doke. With that said, if you listen to the media and Reade himself, you’d think he was some kind of POW or maybe a member of FDNY after 9/11. I mean, this cat is made for tv and his rhetoric is resturant quality.. No question he’s got a future in politics, especially with all that money he’s got in his pocket now (we’ll leave that alone)….

But anyway, we just got word across the AP news-wire from our exclusive inside sources that Reade will be attending Brown University next year, ostensibly to get his degree and play a little Lax.

In his statement he said:

I appreciate the support and loyalty of my teammates and coaches at Duke….I will miss them. I know that they will understand why I cannot return to Duke. I have been proud to be a part of their team, and I am grateful for the support they have given to me over the past year.

Understand why you can’t return to Duke? I think Lil Wayne said it best, “Big stacks, my pockets are on Creatine.” Dude, there is no evidence to suggest that you are not a good guy who got caught up with some ignorant, idiot friends, a crazed skripper and a wild and inappropriate prosecutor but let’s stop with all the high and mighty rhetoric, ok? Net -net, you got over and you know what I mean.


I hope you do well at Brown and beyond. In fact, I know you’ll do well. You just became the poster boy for the wrongfully accused and abused trust fund baby. I suspect those who come from where you come from, look like you, talk like you and live like you, will be looking out for your best interests for the balance of your young life.

One word of advice, stay clean. Folks are watching…

PS- And this is an afterthought, Duke Lax caught that loss piece to Hopkins this weekend. So much for a Rudy/Hoosiers ending. That really F’d up the screenplay for that up and coming movie you know at least 12 writers are working on. Maybe I can play Mike Nifong? Nah, too pretty….

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