Toss up: Who’s uglier, Oden or the Faun from Pan’s Labyrinth?


Come on ladies, not even the millions…and millions of $$$ can justify this grill piece


“Got something for your face, f*ck Pro-activ..” Dude, I think Greg Oden took that lovely Cam’ron line a little too literally. This cat looks like half mang, half tree trunk.. And the dude said he wanted to be a dentist? Goodness… Thank God for the NBA.. This aint the kind of brother you want walking around the streets out of work. You can see below the boy aint got no fashion sense. Forget an upgrade, he needs him a silky headed ho inspired makeover… Extreme Makeover at that. Yikes.


And watch the extra lean there Gregory.. We wouldn’t mind seeing you with a silky headed, but please, make it a woman. You’re too big to be violating Rule No. 1.

One Response to “Toss up: Who’s uglier, Oden or the Faun from Pan’s Labyrinth?”

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    […] Durant and Pan Oden must be wondering whether they made the right decisions to come […]

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