Come on Dawg!



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The Atlanta Falcons just can’t win. I’m a big Falcons fan and I really believe that every year is going to be “our year”, but I just can’t take it any more. We’ve hung all our hopes and dreams on Mike Vick and he just can’t stay tight. First we have the Ron Mexico (hot “strip club” nickname by the way) fiasco, then the bottle with the (allegedly) dark particulate, now he is being scrutinized for dog fighting. Dog fighting? Seriously? I mean has Mike been hanging out with Mr. “60/40 and I’ll Whoop dat ass” Roy Jones Jr. and his “game roosters”? I won’t even mention his lineman stomping, gun toting brother.

Can’t you just go to practice, run some drills, have the strongest arm in the NFL, be the fastest QB of all time, win a few games (If those f’n receivers learn how to catch, I’m watching you Joe Horn), and take your ass home to spend some of that long jack you stack every year? Is that too hard?

I hope he isn’t doing any of this and is just taking a bad rap. Can he really be in the wrong place at the wrong time this much? When there is smoke, there’s fire right? If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it is a duck, right? If you are driving down a street at 2am, and suddenly you see lots of ladies in shiny spandex, high heels and fishnets, eventually a flashy dressing man with a wide brimmed hat and a cane will show up to ask where his money is, right?

I can’t take it. Falcons, Mike Vick, it is time to take a virtual knee and gather yourselves together… Here, I’ll help.



3 Responses to “Come on Dawg!”

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  3. kelvin Says:

    Bring mike vick back so you can win the superbowl cause he’s not guilty

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