Ki Ki gets the peace sign and Water is wet.


A not so shocker occurred last night as Lakeisha Jones got axed American Idol.


Hate to say this, but good! First, American Idol can’t look completely like a Source Awards knock-off and let’s just keep it real, 4 contestants, 3 black women and Blake…. A sister had to go. “Keisher” probably should have been peaced out a few rounds earlier anyway if nothing else for her excessive and repeated exposure of “the girls” when nobody asked for it. Hey, Lakey is the ultimate ladies man. I mean, have you readers out there ever had a “chick” from Hawaii? Trust me, it’s a monster man… But Ki Ki’s J game is suspect at best.. Harold Minor, JR Rider, even worse Pervis Ellis, worthless fella, she aint no athlete, she Shawn Bradley (that Jay Z for that line).

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