He’s still got it!! The Juice is Loose.


The Juice is one of my favorite all-time characters. I mean, look at this cat. Dude is like 60, but still pulls chicks tighter than the chick Brady Quinn actually claimed at his debacle of an NFL Draft!


Reportedly this is OJ this Saturday, kicking it out on the town at the Kentucky Derby. You gotta give the man credit, Juice keeps them stacked tight like so many nickels and dimes. I mean, how does that go down? Just imagine the Juice approaching 3 24 year old bottle blond, silky headed pros, I mean what’s that opening line?

  • Juice: Hello, my name is O-
  • Blondie: I know who you are, do you have any blow?
  • Juice: Wanna F*&K
  • Blondie: Meet my friend, Allyssaaaaaah, she’s like your biggest fan, her Dad was from Buffalo!

That’s gotta be how those conversations go right? I mean, where is this cat meeting these babes? What are their parents saying? It aint like they’re dating Malcolm X in tandem, but it’s still a reputed murderer at worst and a swole Wayne Brady act-a-like at best! I think Nas wrote a song about it called “These are Our Heros”. Shaking My Head and Wagging my finger… damn, but I can’t lie.. I mostly like it. Go Juice go..

And yes, you know he’s banging that shat out these SHTs most properly.

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