Newsflash: Brady Quinn, medicine woman will be a bust!


Once again, Brady failed to show up on a big stage. And let’s just say it here — B dot Quinn, the craziest self-promoter to fall that far in a draft in recent memory will be a BUST!


I mean, if he couldn’t get it done against Ohio State in ’06 or LSU in ’07 what’s he going to do when the whole D is filled with the same super sick athletic guys he couldn’t do anything with before, only they’ll be better, smarter and better coached? And good luck fixing that accuracy/arm strength issue Mr. Q. I know, I know, Tom Brady doesn’t have the strongest arm or the best accuracy, but Tom is a proved winner that shows up in big games. Brady Quinn has consistently not shown up in big games, he’s the anti-Tom. Not only that, but to my knowledge, he hasn’t knocked up two celebs at once neither. Bottom line, Quinn is no Tom Brady. I’m not sure he’s even Tim Couch.

Non-n*ckas please!!!!


6 Responses to “Newsflash: Brady Quinn, medicine woman will be a bust!”

  1. Humberto G. Says:

    dude ur retarded of course hes not a tom brady no one is right now !!! and tom didnt do good in collage or his fist couple of years in the nfl , and in those big games notre dames defense didnt really help at all!!! no one though tom brady was enything his rooky year , let brady play in the nfl first then if he deosent do that well u put this on but not when he just got drafted!! AND DONT U THINK HES GANA GET BEDER COACHED AND LEARN THE NFL DEFENCE!!! moron !!!!!!!!

  2. Loagan Says:

    you guys dont know what the hell you are talking about, hes going to become the best nfl quarterback next to peyton manning. hes hot too, and he did bench the most weight and reps. He is also so amazing that he was rated the number-one quarterback in college football for 2006 by The Sporting News and Lindy’s. Whoever wrote all this shit probably has no life and is just jealous.

  3. Brock Hardon Says:

    Loagan, sweetie. I know you think Brady is cute, maybe you even watched him actually play a few games on Saturdays. Here’s the secret, did you ever watch him play and notice that the team he was playing against had a cute little number by their school name? Especially one below #15? (Lower….is….better) He never beat those teams. Also, he’s playing on Sunday now, and they don’t give points for bench press reps.

  4. sheen kinen Says:

    seriosly i think the person who wrote this might be mentally retarted. everything u say just makes no sense at all. and to say his sister is ugly… dude thats below the belt. im sure u never played football in ur life. not college, not high school, not even elementary! i hate people who say stuff like “oh man he sux” or “he couldnt hit the broad side of a barn”. if youve never played qb at any lvl then SHUT UP!! Im a high school qb and its fuckin hard! theres a lot more to it than just throw the ball to the reciever. so until u see how brady quinn develops AND u play football urself DONT SAY A WORD!!! (and dont even think about callin me a brady quinn fanboy cause im neutral with him)

  5. Pip Says:

    I would fuck him 32 ways.

  6. Lake Arlington Says:

    Pip, you’re a woman, right?

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